Advertising and Marketing Policy

It is the policy of Journal of System Safety to engage in advertising and marketing according to high ethical standards.


JSS accepts advertisements for both the online and print versions. For details regarding advertising rates and format options, please contact the editor.

Advertisements shall in no way affect editorial decision-making for the journal.

Purchased advertisements in the online version may not appear in the text of published articles. Space may be available in headers and sidebars of the website. Advertisements are static and not tied to reader behavior.

Advertisements may also include items or services offered by the society or by the society’s affiliate partners. These types of advertisements may include the use of HTML cookies. Affiliate links will be clearly identified.

The editor reserves the right to reject any proposed advertisement. Advertisements will be routinely screened for:

  • Relevance to the journal audience
  • Appearance, obtrusiveness, and tastefulness
  • Deceptiveness
  • Potential or perceived conflict of interest

Concerns about journal advertisements should be directed to the editor-in-chief.


From time to time, the journal may engage in direct marketing to increase the visibility and engagement with journal readers and authors. This marketing may include:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Email
  • Direct mail
  • Print flyers
  • Other promotional materials

It is the policy of the journal that these marketing items shall:

  1. Clearly identify the name of the journal
  2. Acknowledge the journal’s relationship to the society
  3. Be targeted to people/lists/channels/sites that are appropriate for a system safety audience 
  4. Have a clearly identifiable way for people to opt out of future communications
  5. Shall be issued at a frequency that is appropriate for the communication medium and would reasonably not be considered a nuisance

Concerns or complaints about direct marketing activities of the journal should be raised to the editor.