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System Safety for the 21st Century, 2nd Edition


  • Malcolm Jones Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)



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Over many decades System Safety has evolved from a more re-active nature - learning from failures and improving – not really suitable for high consequence enterprises - to today’s more pro-active form. This is now based on better fundamental understanding, better assessment processes, better standards, more comprehensive analysis tools with better audit and regulation procedures. However, unlike ‘set educational subjects’ such as engineering, science, technology and mathematics, there are less opportunities for formal System Safety education and training in academia and elsewhere, even though system safety impacts on all aspects of life. One hopes that this will continue to be rectified.

This leads us directly to the importance and value of this book, which gives a complete insight into the nature of what System Safety is all about, including its approaches, methodologies and tools, and which provides guidance on the successful application of a comprehensive, pro-active approach for ensuring safe system design.

Author Biography

Malcolm Jones, Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)

Malcolm Jones, Ph.D., F. Inst. P., C. Phys., C. Eng has previously led the Distinguished Scientists group at Atomic Weaponds Establishment (AWE) and held the positions of Scientific Adviser to AWE’s Chief Scientist and to AWE’s Chief of Warhead Design, and currently supports AWE’s Chief of Product Assurance. His career at AWE has taken him through a wide range of scientific and engineering topics, but he has maintained a continuous association with nuclear weapon design and process safety and top-level nuclear safety standards. His interests extend to corporate safety cultures and the root cause reasons for failures. He is a Fellow of the International System Safety Society, is a past winner of its Professional Development Award and is an adviser to a number of senior UK Ministry of Defence and AWE safety bodies. He has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for contributions to the UK defence industry and is a recipient of the John Challens’ Medal, which is AWE’s highest award for lifetime contributions to Science, Engineering and Technology. He has also been honoured by VNIIA in the RF for his work in fostering nuclear weapon safety collaboration between the UK and the RF.

System Safety Bookshelf



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