Authorship and Contributorship Policy

JSS policy for authorship is adapted from guidelines from COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and CSE (Council of Science Editors).

Identification of authors and other contributors per the JSS definition is the responsibility of the researchers who performed the work based on the JSS criteria below.

The order of authors in the byline is a collective decision of the authors. Disagreements about author order should be resolved by the authors before the article is submitted for publication.

Definition of Authorship:

  1. Each author is expected to have made substantial contributions to the conception OR design of the work; OR the acquisition, analysis, OR interpretation of data; OR have drafted the work or substantively revised it
  2. Each author is expected to have approved the submitted version (and any substantially modified version that involves the author’s contribution to the study)
  3. Each author is expected to have agreed both to be personally accountable for the author’s own contributions and to ensure that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work, even ones in which the author was not personally involved, are appropriately investigated, resolved, and the resolution documented in the literature.
  4. Professional writers who participated in drafting of the manuscript (but not the research) should be identified in the acknowledgements section along with information about potential conflicts of interest including whether they were compensated for the writing assistance and, if so, by which entity.
  5. Contributors who primarily assisted the research by providing advice, research space, departmental oversight, financial support,  performing isolated analyses, or providing reagents/patients/animals/study materials should not be listed as Authors. These contributors should be listed in the Acknowledgments.
  6. Articles should not include Guest Authors, Honorary Authors, Ghost Authors, Authorship for Sale, Anonymous Authors, Group Authors, or Incapaciated Authors as described in the CSE guidelines.

Articles submitted to JSS shall not be under consideration or review by any other scholarly journal. Authors violating this requirement will have their papers rejected.

The copyright assignment of the article shall be accepted by the submitting author upon submission to the journal.

Should an author wish to reuse previously published images and other copyrighted material, it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission to reuse any copyrighted material and provide proper attribution. This includes the author’s own work if the copyright was ever transferred to a publisher or journal.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes over authorship after publication shall be resolved via the JSS Post-publication Inquiries and Corrections Policy.