Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Licensing Policy


As noted in the Author Guidelines, no fees of any kind will be charged to authors at any time before or after publication.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Author Rights & Resonsibilities

Authors certify that their submitted manuscript (and any supporting items) are their own intellectual property and the copyright has not been transferred to others.

Authors certify that the manuscript contains no plagiarism, no fabrication, no falsification, no manipulated citations, and that the manuscript conforms to JSS authorship policies.

Authors certify that for any copyrighted tables, figures, data, text, etc. permission has been obtained from the copyright holders to reproduce.

All manuscripts, revisions, drafts, and galleys remain the intellectual property of the author(s). Author(s) fully retain the copyright to their work.

Authors retain the full right to modify, reshare, repost, or archive any version of their copyrighted work.

Authors agree to keep confidential all communications, comments, or reports between authors and reviewers or editors.

Editorial Team Responsibilities

All review comments and reports remain the intellectual property of the reviewer or editor.

Reviewers and editors agree to keep confidental all communications, comments, or reports between authors and reviewers, or editors.

Reviewers and editors agree to keep all manuscripts, revisions, and drafts confidential, with the exception of the final published galley(s).


Authors agree that all accepted manuscripts, galleys, and submitted supporting documents are immediately and irrevocably released under a Creative Commons (CC BY-ND 4.0) license.

The license will be indicated on the front page of each online article galley. The license will also be indicated within each issue of the print edition.


Suspicion of violations of this policy should be made to the editor-in-chief via the Ethics Complaints and Appeals process.